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A list of summer opportunities for high schoolers you DO NOT want to miss!

With everything going on right now, is it still possible to do research, find internships, or do summer programs? Absolutely! There are a lot of virtual summer opportunities that are available to high school students and we have compiled them here for you!

MIT OpenLearning:

2400 courses, 500 million visitors, absolutely free? Where else can you find high quality courses other than MIT OpenLearning? MIT OpenLearning is composed of MIT OpenCourseWare, MITx courses, and MIT open learning library. There is a course to suit your every passion and curiosity, and no rush, you could complete the course at your own time. There are also several research centers where you could learn about their works. Check the website out and begin your learning journey right now!


Pioneer Open Summer Study

Want to do research but most labs are closed? No worries, because you could start your own research project! Pioneer Academics is an organization that seeks to provide virtual research opportunities for high school students. POSS is completely free! And you will have access to recordings of professor lectures, reading materials, curriculum, etc. All you need to do is form a team of 5-10 members and a signature from your school. You will complete a final presentation in August. Research topics include but not limited to "Pandemics and Globalization: Economics, Culture and Policy" and "The Forces Driving Socio-cultural Evolution".


Biogen-MIT Biotech Virtual Summer Lab

If you are a student from Massachusetts or North Caroline, you will be eligible for this awesome summer lab opportunity. Students will be exposed to biotechnology and neuroscience. The program is led by scientists from Biogen and MIT and students will have the opportunities to ask questions and get mentoring. The program also introduces student to real-world scenario: for instance, how to solve diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Lab experience doesn't have to be in-person-- online mentoring and instructing could be effective as well.


Cyber Discovery Virtual Camp

Interested in cybersecurity and tech but never really got the chance to dive deep? This virtual camp hosted by Tennessee Tech Student is going to introduce you to the concepts of cybersecurity and you will listen to lectures from professionals in the field. Sign up by June 20th because spot is limited!


McWhorter School Construction Management Virtual Experience

The McWhorter School in Auburn University is known for its building science major. And if you intend to pursue a career in construction management, it is a good idea to start looking early because it is a branch that not many universities specifically offer. McWhorter School is offering an opportunity for students to talk to the recruitment administrators. There will also be Q&A sessions with building science faculty. Upon your completion, you will also receive a certificate and be invited to the campus in the fall.


CBU Online Engineering Camps

CBU is providing a list of summer camps that will offer hands-on engineering experience for students who are interested. Topics include "Summer STEM Camp", "Future Women Engineers Program" and "Code Camp". Workshops will be hosted by faculty from CBU. There will be various activities including panels with scientists and engineers and Q&As. They are completely free and only a registration fee is needed.


ASU NSTI Scholars Program

ASU has partnered up with US Department of Transportation to provide high school juniors and seniors. Students will participate in a 9-month-long internship during which they take college-level courses and explore engineering-related topics through hands-on capstone projects. In addition, there will be workforce development trainings that will further help participants with career developments and landing internships. You must be an Arizona resident in order to be eligible.


New York Academy of Science

New York Academy of Science is seeking a group of talented teens to solve world-class challenges through collaboration with their peers and professionals. Only 1000 students age from 13 to 17 are selected and they receive resources ranging from mentorship to panels to technical workshops.There is also the program "1000 girls, 1000 futures" that aims specifically towards girls who are interested in STEM field and pair them with industry mentors.

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