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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

Artificial intelligence is an ever-growing field that has rapidly advanced over the years. It also has the potential to become more intelligent than humans. While artificial intelligence has brought benefits to today’s society, it has also brought some potential risks and dangers.

Firstly, artificial intelligence can lead to a loss of jobs. Consequently, there will be changes to training and education programs to prepare our future workforce and help current workers transition to new positions that will utilize their unique human capabilities. Additionally, artificial intelligence increases the speed of accomplishments. While this can be beneficial, in the future, there is a fear that machines will exceed our ability as humans to follow along. With automation, nefarious acts such as phishing, delivery of viruses to software, and taking advantage of AI systems, might be difficult for humans to uncover until there is a real quagmire to deal with.

However, it is also of utmost importance to be able to distinguish the true harms of artificial intelligence and myths that have been going around. For example, a common myth is that AI can turn evil. In reality, artificial intelligence is just turning competent but can have goals that do not align with humans. Another myth is that robots are our first concern. However, misaligned objectives in artificial intelligence are the primary concern because the machine ends up behaving in a way that was not intended or goes against human interests.

It will take time and extensive human reasoning to determine the best way to prepare for a future with even more artificial intelligence applications to ensure that the potential for adverse impacts with its further adoption is minimized as much as possible.


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