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How to be less awkward during an interview

I know, I know, the title of this blog probably reminds you of that one super awkward meeting that you had in the past. Interviews tend to pretty awkward when you are just trying to tell a stranger about your life. The topic is also very relevant today, as more and more interviewing and hiring taking place online. Here are some tips for virtual(and in-person) interviews that will make things less awkward.

1. Dress professionally, no matter where you are.

You are probably in your PJs now thinking that you will just need to put on a nice shirt--after all, your interviewer couldn't see that you are in PJ pants, right? Well, no matter where you are, we encourage you to put on a whole set of business suit(or casual, depends on what the job asks for) It is not entirely for the interviewer, but rather for yourself to feel in a professional setting by dressing up. Especially when you have been staying home for a while, it is always a good idea to dress up and make the process feel a little more formal.

2. Research about the organization/company

This tip may sound really useless, however, you wouldn't believe how many people come into the interview without knowing what position they applied to or even what the company/organization does. So definitely do a little bit of research before going into the interview. Make sure you know why you are a good fit for the position and how your experiences align with what they are looking for.

3. Discover one flaw about the company/organization

Tip#3 isn't asking you to say bad things about the company/organization, rather, it is giving you a chance to show your vision and the depth of your research. Think their website needs development and you happened to be a website specialist? Mention it! You think there could be more activities that they could host and you have some connections? Say it! Organizations love to hear what others think of them, and how they could improve, so definitely mention your visions to the leaders of the organization/company.

4. Tell an anecdote

During these interviews, you will be asked lots of questions. While you should try to answer all of these questions seriously, it would always be great to add in a few anecdotes and humor to connect with the interviewer. During a "boring" interview on a Thursday morning, it would always be interesting to throw in a few anecdotes and make an impression in front of the interviewer. Of course, don't branch off too much if it's not necessary, but just be casual and maintain your sense of humor.

That's it for the tips of how to make the best of your interview. Here are some of the commonly used interview questions that you could practice with:

  1. What makes you unique?

  2. Why are you interested in applying for the position?

  3. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

  4. How do you think your experiences/skillsets could help you succeed in the positions you applied to ?

  5. How do you work under pressure?

Good luck to everyone who is being interviewed! You got this :)


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