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creAItivity AI Ethics Lab Winner -Tunmise Adebowale

I’m Tunmise Adebowale, I was born in Nigeria but grew up in South Africa but later moved to New Zealand where I'm currently residing now. I’m a senior in year 11 which is my third year of high school, and it’s where my love of STEM really developed and grew.

In 2020 I got accepted into The Junior New York Academy of Science program - an online program that strives to challenge young people by giving them real-world issues that affect our modern age and generation. Through this, my pre-knowledge of many issues expanded. In the program, there are ways to let others know about other opportunities outside the organization which is how I discovered the creAltivity Al Ethics Lab.

Now as a coder in HTML, CSS, and PYTHON, Artificial Intelligence never peaked my interest, and although I was aware that it was a significant aspect that affected our society I never really took the time to delve into it. Just before I discovered the creAltivity Al Ethics Lab, I watched the Netflix documentary of The Social Dilemma and it made me uncomfortable and yet curious that we can control the way other humans interact with Al and yet even if we are the ones behind the scenes, we can’t even escape it ourselves. This made me interested as to how Al revolves around the world and why people use it in a good or bad way. I applied to the creAItivity Al Ethics Lab and was selected as a cohort member.

Now as a female who struggles to find more females in the STEM community, it made me content and fortunate that I was in a team with other young women that also have a passion for STEM and beyond.

Along with this program, I was also fortunate enough to win 2nd Place Overall in the Al Ethics Lab, I was very happy when I saw it as we put in a lot of effort and research into our work, and the commitment that each member put into. We coded a website as our final deliverable and combined it with all the research that we’ve done in our presentation slides. What made it possible for us to submit a final masterpiece is that we didn’t ‘wing it’ we planned it out carefully, gave designated roles for certain parts of the project, and all together, it was a fun and relaxed environment to be in.

The creAltivity Al Ethics Lab program not only added to my pre-knowledge of Al but it peaked my interest and now I’m doing more personal research for my knowledge in Al, an area I plan to research into more is the Racial Bias in Al Ethics.

For others that want to get into Artificial Intelligence but don’t know how, my advice would be to make more connections, as the more you meet the more opportunities you’ll find and sign up for new opportunities that support STEM and Al as those can really open a whole new world to what you thought you knew.


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