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CreAItivity 2022-2023

by Neha Kanneganti

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they associate it with the future. However, artificial intelligence is currently all around us. For example, how do you think your phone recognizes your face? Or how does YouTube give you personalized media recommendations? These are just some ways artificial intelligence is present in your everyday life. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of AI’s impacts. In fact, only 33% think that they use technology that features artificial intelligence. In reality, 77% use an AI-powered service (Source: PEGA). Given the rapid growth of the AI industry, it is important to spread awareness about AI.

At CreAItivity, our mission is to spread awareness about the power of artificial intelligence to help solve major issues that our society faces today. We want to give students the chance to learn more about AI and then apply it to solve issues such as environmental sustainability and city planning. One way we do this is by organizing hackathons and workshops. At these events, students are given the resources to learn about various AI concepts and deliver a final solution to solve the issues they identified. They can also meet industry professionals and even win prizes. This year, you can look forward to the Linguistics League Challenge to learn more about natural language processing and APIs.

We update our blog monthly and discuss topics such as AI concepts and applications. We also create tech zines, where we highlight youth-led nonprofits, recent news, career pathways and opportunities in STEM, and more. Both the blogs and techzine will be posted on our website, and you can take a look at our previous works there too.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by submitting the contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to kick off this year and we hope to see you reading our articles or attending our workshops!

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