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CreAItivity 2021-2022

by Victoria Belveal

Have you ever felt as though the world of technology is moving at such a fast pace that you have no idea what's going on? You’re not alone. A good chunk of the population is still hazy on what “AI” even is. In fact, one study found that 50% of respondents who used AI technologies could not point out that they had done so. Since the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science industry is rapidly growing, public awareness is crucial. That’s where CreAItivity steps in!

Here at CreAItivity, our continuing mission is to raise awareness about the complexity in AI as well as its potential to assist in the resolution of (limited but not restricted to) critical environmental, infrastructure, and sustainability issues. Our organization is composed of many diverse members who are dedicated to providing the reader with intersectional takes on all things artificial intelligence and computer science.

We have had two main events since 2020: the AI Ethics Lab and the 2020 Covid-19 Challenge. Both events focused on society-oriented problem solving through AI. For 2021-2022, the team here at CreAtivity will once again bring new and exciting events that almost everyone, regardless of their background in AI, can participate in, such as a continuation of the AI Ethics Lab. This year, you can look forward to biweekly blogs and question columns starting September about AI—tutorials, opportunities, and news—on the CreAItivity website. Issue four of the Tech Zine will be published this fall and will feature a plethora of different topics such as career pathways in STEM/CS, Organization Spotlights, and much more. Until then, as mentioned previously, you can check out the previous blog posts and tech-zines.

Please submit any questions or suggestions to the “contact” form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope to see you as a reader of our blogs or at one of our workshops in the future.


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