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AI is all around us!

The term "Artificial Intelligence" seems futuristic. It may not sound familiar to you but it is simply the idea that machines can develop themselves to act like humans. In fact, AI is already present in our everyday lives! 

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  1.  Netflix and Amazon

Some of your favorite websites already use AI! Netflix uses machine learning algorithms to filter results and generate recommended shows for you to watch. Likewise, when you are shopping for your favorite items on Amazon, it provides you with recommended products after recognizing which items you like and what others want. 

2. Face ID 

Have you ever wondered how FaceID works on your iPhone? It uses deep learning and neural networks, comparing the image of your face to the one you saved to unlock your phone. Think of neural networks like how the human brain thinks. There are inputs and it will learn through training to get the output.

3. Advertisements

Ads can get annoying but have you ever come across an ad with a product that you were thinking of buying? AI is being used to read in your age, search history, etc to provide recommendations that match.

4. Banks

Banks use AI to prevent fraudulent activity. For example, on your mobile banking app, because they can predict trends, AI is used to analyze your usual activity/behavior, and alert you if it suspects that there is suspicious activity.

5. Healthcare

Diagnosing early is very important. As a result of AI, it has become more efficient to detect and diagnose diseases.


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