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4 FREE Virtual AI/Tech Conferences for High Schoolers and College Students

by Jasmine Shone

One of the best ways to break into any field is to join a community based around it. After all, through learning from experts and interacting with like-minded peers, you not only gain resources at your disposal but also gain confidence in the fact that succeeding in the field is possible and within your reach. The lowering of this perceived barrier-of-entry is especially important for the field of AI and technology, where popular conception is that its operations are nebulous and reserved for experts only. Therefore, here at CreAItivity, we have compiled a list of reputable conferences in AI/Tech which seek to help you “break-into” AI or grow your skills further. Without further ado, here are 4 free AI/Tech conferences (in no particular order) that you can sign up for today.

Artificial Intelligence Conference by MIT and Stanford researchers

Date: Sunday, October 17, 2021 from 11 AM - 1 PM PDT

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner+


AI for All High School Students: From Artists to Engineers - Free Webinar Event by Stanford and MIT Graduates at Inspirit AI: Join us and hear from our team of expert AI instructors to gain insight on how anyone can wield the tools of artificial intelligence to transform any domain. Through beginner-friendly technical workshops, we'll dive into the world of AI as it applies to fields like biology, the arts, startups as well as how students can prepare for college and career pathways in AI.

Attendees will be emailed a link + our team's educational resources on "Fundamentals of AI", "Building AI Projects for Artists, and Biologists and More" as well as a recording of the event!

International Conference on AI for People: Towards Sustainable AI

Date: November 20-24, 2021

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner+


This conference, organized by the non-profit association AI for People, aims to provide a platform for people to present, learn and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence for the societal good, addressing its benefits as well as its risks. In this year's edition, we focus on Sustainable AI as a movement to foster change towards greater ecological integrity and social justice in the entire life cycle of AI systems.

In the spirit of AI for People, we believe it is important that this conference is accessible to everyone – whether you are an academic in the field of AI or not. Hence, we have two paths: Public and Academic. The paths are not mutually exclusive, which means that you can attend both.

TransformX AI Conference 2021

Date: October 6-7, 2021

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate+


Join Scale AI for the two-day, virtual conference featuring 100+ speakers and 60+ sessions. We’re bringing together a community of leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and researchers across industries as we explore the shift from research to reality within AI and Machine Learning.

  • Meet the world’s top experts on AI & Machine Learning.

  • Engage with the AI & ML community through 1-to-1 Matching, video chat, and messaging

  • Gain practical knowledge and insights from industry experts.

  • Watch sessions in real-time or at your own pace with on-demand viewing

Reuters Momentum

Date: October 27-29, 2021

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate+


After a period of intense disruption, the 'next normal' presents an incredible opportunity. If we seize on the demand for social and technological change, we can reimagine and achieve a healthier, happier, more equitable and sustainable future for all.

There are incredible lessons to be learned, and Reuters MOMENTUM is thrilled to be working with leading tech innovators and pioneers from across business, government, NGOs, the voluntary sector and common interest groups. We've enlisted them to bring you stories of their successes, failures and to reveal the insights you need to embrace impactful technological change right now.

No one can afford to be a bystander, so will you join us or risk falling behind?


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