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Meet Our Team

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Jasmine Shone is a current senior from Cleveland Ohio. She has a passion for AI and AI Ethics and is interested in coding, math, creative writing, and music production. She has a white and yellow tabby cat named Prince.

Jasmine Shone

Chief Executive Officer


Alicia is from Long Beach, California. She is excited to be part of group that's making a difference, like CreAItivity, and letting young peoples' voices be heard. Also learn more about AI and computer science herself. Her hobbies are coding, drawing, writing, and playing videos.

Alicia Landa

Chief Creative Officer

profilepic - Neha.jpeg

Neha Kanneganti is a current senior from Michigan. She is passionate about AI and its applications. She is also interested in coding, business, and environmental science. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family/friends

Neha Kanneganti

Chief Content Officer

Breanna Burke

Breanna is a junior from Kingston, Jamaica who is passionate about AI and its intersection with the humanities. She is an avid writer and photographer and loves to crochet in her free time. Through being a part of the CreAItivity team, she hopes to make information about AI more accessible to teens across the globe.

Breanna Burke

Chief Logistics Officer


Eera Bhatt is a high schooler from Michigan with a strong interest in AI, research, and the STEM fields. She loves collaborating with teams and is eager to work with CreAItivity on bringing relevance to AI across several communities.

Eera Bhatt 

Chief Marketing Officer

IMG-7350 - Maya Poghosyan.jpg

Maya is a rising junior from Dublin, California! She is interested in intersecting artificial intelligence and biomedicine and neuroscience. Once on a traditional medical path, Maya took a deep dive into AI over quarantine and found that it was a lot less obscure and a lot more interesting -- than she had thought. Maya joined CreAItivity because she wants to spark that interest in others and explore all the exciting applications of new technologies. When she's not working, she can be found debating politics, analyzing MBTI, and going outside.

Maya Poghosyan


IMG_5718 - Linda T Nguyen_edited.jpg

Linda is a senior advertising major at The University of Texas at Austin. With a passion for creating, she hopes to combine her interests in design, technology, and psychology to improve experiences online and in the real world. Along with CreAItivity, she is excited to use her experience to spread awareness and provide resources about the field of artificial intelligence and its role in developing creative solutions to current issues. When she isn’t exploring another design field or creating, she enjoys watching anime, reading, and using emojis in excess.

Linda Nguyen


Photo - Charlotte Law.JPG

Charlotte Law is a highschool student based in California. She enjoys exploring her interest in computer science, artificial intelligence, and biotech. As a former cohort leader of creAtivity’s 2021 AI Ethics Lab, she’s passionate about learning more about artificial intelligence, collaborating with an international team, and creating innovative and meaningful projects. She’s excited to be part of the CreAItivity team and spread awareness about how artificial intelligence is connected to our lives and our society! In her free time, she enjoys figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, and music.

Charlotte Law


IMG_0932 - Roshni P.JPG

Roshni is a rising senior from Maryland. She is very excited to be a part of a team that is eager to spread awareness on artificial intelligence. Besides programming, she loves to play piano and enjoys a good slice of pizza!

Roshni Pallavajjala


Sabrina Chang

Sabrina is a rising senior from Princeton, New Jersey hoping to pursue a career in computer science. She has always been interested in STEM fields, but it was not until recently that she developed a strong passion towards technology. She hopes to be able to help spread awareness on artificial intelligence by providing resources and opportunities for others while also exploring more about it herself. Besides programming, Sabrina enjoys playing sports especially tennis, lacrosse, and skiing in the winters. She has always been into art as well, and hope to learn more about creating digital art pieces in the future!

Sabrina Chang



Anjola is a senior who is passionate about furthering her knowledge about artificial intelligence and using it to advance the world. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and listening to music. She hopes to continue to pursue the field of computer science and utilize its tools as a vessel for change.

Anjola Fajemisin

Logistics Officer


Lea Huang-Yanez is currently a high-school senior from California. She is interested in exploring the cultural impacts of AI through research, speculative fiction, and art. She also enjoys reading, zines, web1, and her cat.

Lea Huang-Yanez 

Creative Officer

closeup - Kelly C.jpg

She is a rising senior at Amador in Pleasanton, who loves to play all kinds of sports in her free time. Water polo one of her favorites, and she just learned surfing this summer. She is super excited to further her interest in AI and help support others to love it too. She also has a five year old goldfish (Freddy II) and a year old golden retriever (Zoro).

Kelly Coutinho

Content Officer

9FDB2153-5BF7-4009-9FD0-B252260E0797 - Ashmit Gaba.jpeg

Ashmit is a senior from Dougherty Valley High School interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business. He is excited to be a part of team CreAItivity to spread his love for technology and further his interests to younger, like-minded students. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and working out.

Ashmit Gaba

Logistics Officer

IMG-2540 - Ananya Patil.jpg

Ananya Patil is a current senior in Connecticut interested in computer science and engineering. In her free time she enjoys reading, coding, and binging Grey's Anatomy.

Ananya Patil

Logistics Officer


Kelly Ma

Kelly Ma

Graphics Team

Jaeyeon Bae

Jaeyeon Bae

Content Team

Stella Chen

Stella Chen

Logistics Team

Kaleen Chen

Kaleen Chen

Content Team

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