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LJL x CreAItivity Challenge 

"How can we use the power of Artificial Intelligence to help bridge the gap between low and high-resource languages?"


In this challenge, participants attempted to answer this question through making and delivering a proposal for an application centered on this idea of using Natural Language Processing to help children who speak low-resource languages learn English. 


Sankriti Negi


Proposal Abstract: Oftentimes children of immigrants don't know the language of the place they move to. In many places this leads to children not being able to perform as well in school, especially when no language-immersion classes are offered. Furthermore, even when language-immersion type classes are offered, they sometimes try to take out the native language of the student in hopes to fully assimilate them into a new culture.

Paridhi Ramtani


Proposal Abstract: Our idea includes building a platform that caters to the interests of a person. When we're interested in what we're learning, we pay closer attention; we process the information more efficiently. This app will help people learn English by focusing on topics that they like.

Proposal Abstract: Bajaphil is a gaming app that will teach basic concepts in low resource languages while combining visuals, audio and text through multi-scenario building. It will have Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa as its kick off languages while subsequently adding other widely spoken low resources languages of the world. The app will feature different game levels and rewards for completing each game level. There will be options for choosing different languages to learn and play from.


Basil Friday Ovu

Janeth Oluebube Eni

Oghenesuowho Ekingbo


  • Introduction to AI and NLP

  • Applications of NLP to teaching languages

    • Products developed by Linguistics Justice League​

  • Writing compelling and professional proposals

    • Mockup screens, abstracts, etc.

  • Elevator Pitches

Content Covered

Areas of the World Reached

MapChart_Map (3)_edited.png

Ayaan Haque


Thank you to our generous sponsors for their support: Taskade, Interview Cake, AoPS, and Balsamiq Cloud


Sajiv Shah


Adithya Peruvemba

Viraaj Reddi

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