AI Ethics Lab

In a digital era like the 21st century, it’s inevitable that our lives are getting surrounded by algorithms, software, and countless technologies. However, few people have explored how these technologies could bring injustice and inequality to our societies. In partnership with Diversify Our Narrative, we are excited to launch AI Ethics Lab.

The goal of creAItivity AI Ethics Lab is to educate the public more on the interdisciplinary field between technology and social justice. Students will be provided with the resources to learn about topics such as algorithmic bias, data privacy, etc, and deliver a final solution to solve the issues they identified. 

Apply to creAItivity AI Ethics Lab to learn about the intersection between social justice and technology, attend workshops hosted by industry professionals, and win amazing prizes!

Time: March to May 2021, for more information, click on the guidelines. We look forward to designing a more equitable future with you!

Workshop Speakers

Madaio_headshot_MSR (1).jpeg

Michael Madaio

  • Postdoctoral Researcher at Microsoft, Ph.D. at CMU

  • Specializes in FATE(Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI)

  • Uses Human-centered methods to design a more equitable future

Anca Dragan

  • Professor at UC Berkeley EECS

  • Run the InterACT Lab, which focuses on algorithms for human-robot interaction

  • On the steering committee for the Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab, co-PI of the Center for Human-Compatible AI.

Geoff Keeling

  • AI Ethics Research Fellow at Stanford University

  • Based between Center for Ethics in Society (EiS) and the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)

  • AI morality and political philosophy

Shea Brown

  • Founder & CEO of BABL AI, a research consultancy in ethical production and deployment of AI

  • Professor at University of Iowa

  • AI governance and algorithmic auditing

Fiona McEvoy

  • AI Ethics researcher/writer

  • Founder of YouTheData

  • Brilliant Women in AI Ethics Hall of Fame

  • One of the 30 Women Influencing AI in SF

Yonah Welker

  • Entrepreneur, explorer, tech startup founders

  • co-create products, solutions and ecosystems that reimagine experiences


Nathan Colaner

  • Professor at Seattle University

  • Focus on ethics of AI, data ethics, and organizational ethics

  • Managing Director of the Initiative for Ethics and Transformative Technologies