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COVID-19 Challenge 

COVID-19 has been a persistent issue globally. Individuals and communities are directly and indirectly affected by it. CreAItivity hopes to be part of the solution, so we initiated a COVID-19 challenge aims to encourage teens to identify issues related to COVID-19 and propose solutions. We have received many entries, and below are the four finalists that made into our virtual ceremony.

Ayaan Haque

IMG_3537 2.JPG

Recently, due to COVID-19, our school emailed students asking about lending Chromebooks, and we realized that most of our students didn't need them, but other schools did, and thus we decided that these Chromebooks could be better used elsewhere. 

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Sajiv Shah

IMG_3538 2.JPG
IMG_3539 2.JPG

Adithya Peruvemba

Viraaj Reddi

Ria Mirchandani

IMG_3541 2.JPG

I decided to enter this challenge because food wastage and hunger are incompatible concepts, yet they co-exist and have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Reading and hearing the stories of food insecurity in my own community troubled and inspired me to be a part of the solution.

Ria Agrawal & Kim Hoang

IMG_3535 2.JPG

We decided to do this challenge just as an experience and to try and push ourselves. Our inspiration for this challenge was from the problems we saw in refugee camps around the world. We went with this problem because we wanted to address a problem that not many people might care about or prioritize.

Maria Cheriyan

IMG_3540 2.JPG

I wanted to enter this challenge to apply my knowledge of artificial intelligence to the problems I saw in my hometown near Detroit; I saw such a difference in the way online learning was handled throughout schools in my community that I wanted to use my talents to make an online education accessible to anyone.

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