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Be a part of the movement to develop creative solutions to issues we face today using artificial intelligence.

Our goal is to spread awareness about the power of artificial intelligence to help solve major issues that our society faces today. We hope to give students the chance to learn more about the field of artificial intelligence and to collaborate and develop creative solutions to issues such as environmental sustainability and city planning. Through hackathons and workshops, we want to share our knowledge with our community, especially people who do not have the same resources as we do.


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Just wrapped up our AI Ethics Lab in May, check out our winners featuring page and stay tuned for new events and recruitment!


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Kelly Ma

Kelly is an incoming freshman at UC Berkeley intended double major in cognitive science and data science. She is engaged in youth advocacy and contributing youth perspectives to her community. She hopes to bring creative solutions to existing issues with the innovation of STEM and youth leadership experience. Fun fact about me: I have an addiction to boba but I order zero percent sweetness :)

Jaeyeon Bae

Jaeyeon is interested in sustainable urban development and innovations in sustainability. She loves to travel and explore, which led her to care deeply about public infrastructures and the environment. She hopes to contribute whether by research or direct outreach to communities in need. She enjoys photography, music, and poetry in addition to research and traveling. She is excited about STEM field and AI and inspiring others with AI challenges! 

Stella Chen

Stella is a current senior in Dougherty Valley high school located in San Ramon, CA. She has always been interested in AI and data science and is impressed by how technology is gradually changing the business world as well as everyday life that we are living in. She enjoys photography, reading fantasy/historical fictions as well as binge watching Inside No.9 in her spare time ;))

Kaleen Chen

Kaleen is a senior at Alameda High School passionate about business and its intersection with technology and mathematics. She hopes to utilize AI to improve the functions of her community while helping those in need. Through creAItivity’s platform, she is excited to introduce younger generations to the field of AI and increase diversity in STEM. She likes to express herself creatively through drawing, painting, and design.